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In the E3 game show held in June, a lot of experience the Resident Evil have said that this 7 people PSVR horror game will make people feel dizzy, which makes this concern is very worried about the players. But fortunately, then Karp said that because the game is still in development, so they released the Demo experience does not represent the final effect of the game.


Subsequently, the game development team to actively listen to feedback, the community is the result of the game player, in the last week of the TGS show, Karp air released the latest version of Demo has an improved version of the camera system, it can significantly reduce the game a sense of vertigo.


"Resident Evil 7" producer Kawada Masao previously said: &ldquo we have learned a lot; from the E3 game show, we now know that some characteristics of VR this theme, we know that in order to minimize the game a sense of vertigo, provide comfortable experience we need to do what the adjustment and optimization of the game. ”


The result is that TGS and Demo exhibited on a game show in Cologne released the "lantern" no longer support the use of the right to freedom of the rocker handle. In the new version of the content of the right rocker to provide more like a picture of the moment switch perspective, if you want to move freely, then will, have to rely on the head rotation. TGS on the release of the Demo also adds a little story, such as the Beck family to attend an informal dinner will be the scene.

"Resident Evil 7" will be officially arrived in January 2017 when there will be, support for One Xbox and PS4 of the general 2D version and vr PS version. As for the PC Version (2D) as well as HTCVive and OculusRift, the official has not released any relevant statement.

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